Penwern/A Visual Study

Penwern/A Visual Study, by Peter Yankala, is an in-depth years-long study of the Frank Lloyd Wright Summer Estate in a photographic tour through the seasons containing interviews with current stewards and historic insight about this decades-long near perfect restoration.


Upcoming Media and Events

Penwern/A Video Tour: Above the Line
This drone/still video tour, by Peter Yankala, will capture the beauty of Penwern through each season. Coming Fall 2023.

Penwern Lecture, Society of Historical Architecture, Chicago
Peter Yankala will present to the Society of Historical Architecture on Penwern at the Glessner House (Chicago) in September 2023. His lecture will focus on the linkage and evolvement of Wright’s move to authentic Prairie Styling.


Purchase Penwern/A Visual Study

Penwern/A Visual Study is available for purchase at Taliesin and Taliesin West. To purchase directly from the author, email yankala(at) $29 + $8 ships anywhere in the USA.

“… it’s like a private tour, amazing photos throughout every season, every light” – SJK Paradise Valley, AZ